Cutout Front Ruched Puff Sleeve Tropical Print Dress

Celebrity Style: How To Get The Best Outfits Like Your Favorite Celebs Between gifted clothes and wardrobe stylists, it’s no wonder celebrities step out looking nothing short of flawless. In fact, celebrity street style moments are often very carefully put together even when they sometimes appear to be effortless. So what’s a girl with a taste for Olsen style and a shoestring budget to do? That’s where we come in. You see, you don't actually have to mirror the price tag of your favorite celebrity outfits in order to nail their overall look. It's all about knowing how to pick the key pieces from each celebrity's arsenal and shopping similar. Key Pieces for Celebrities Honestly, there are so many great pieces that belong on any wardrobe, including those at the seven-digit range. However, celebrities know that there are also plenty of pieces out there that they can wear on a regular basis without breaking the bank. Take for example, Kate Mara's perfect red slit dress. The key to wearing this look on a budget is by choosing a dress in a similar shade of red that is also a short dress that falls below the knee. This will bring the dress' pricing down and keep the cost to a reasonable level. We also suggest adding a long scarf to your ensemble, or better yet, an overcoat. On the other hand, some great pieces are worthy of a splurge and definitely not something you can wear on a daily basis. How to Shop Like Your Favorite Celebrities Sure, you can spend a fortune on designer pieces, but in order to look like a million bucks, it’s more important to focus on quality over quantity, shopping around and buying secondhand finds. Make sure that all of your clothes are high quality and truly handmade. This will guarantee longevity and make them look as good on you as they do on your favorite celebrity. Since you’re on a budget, we highly suggest starting with your footwear, because it takes up the most of your wardrobe and can add an air of a traditional cool to your look. Shop soles, colors, patterns and textures that flatter your personality and outfit. For footwear, it’s all about the shape of your foot, whether you have a rounded to flat foot or a pointed one. Finding Your Own Style As a fashion lover, we can tell you that the term style isn’t just a buzz word – it’s the practice of carefully placing the right items and figuring out how they should be styled. What that essentially means is that it’s possible to achieve the same look, if not a more extreme version, without spending a fortune. Follow the tips below and you’ll be able to easily emulate your favorite stars’ style and get it looking just as effortless as it does on your favorite celebrities. Pay Attention To The Details While a celebrity’s outfit might look great on the red carpet, it might not go as well with your outfits on a normal day at work. So consider whether or not the hue or texture of a celebrity’s dress goes well with your style and put them together accordingly. Conclusion Don’t be afraid to experiment with styles and keep an open mind when shopping. It’s really all about mixing up classics like denim, peacoats, and pencil skirts with your go-to staples like colorful t-shirts and cropped tees. Throw on some black heels or have some fun with booties. See how easy it is to rock Olsen's leopard high-waisted trousers from a few weeks ago or try her new grunge look from this past weekend. Which one is your favorite? Are you always wearing your skinny jeans? Or are you a skirt gal? Let us know below!

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